Friday, July 13, 2007

Why a new blog

Well, primarily, I wanted a place to talk about stuff that seems too dull for Stuff over there is supposed to be funny. Or at the very least, it's supposed to be cathartic. I wanted a place where I could write other stuff, a real journal. But not a personal journal. A journal for Reconstructing History stuff.

You see, I find that I am better able to work things out in my mind if I talk about them out loud (or on paper). Having someone to talk to (even just a perceived "audience") helps that process.

I also had this crazy idea that some of you fans of RH might be interested in how a pattern comes to fruition. And maybe you'd like to watch the process and even help me make some decisions along the way.

And of course there will be dress diaries here. I will also post them on my website, in the articles section. But this will be the place where I go, "Oh my God! How am I going to deal with this unanticipated occurance when I did this stitch instead of that stitch!" The website will contain the cleaned-up version, sanitized for your protection. So if you want to see me be all human and fallible and stuff, here is the place to be. :)

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