Monday, July 16, 2007

New printer!

Well kids, the new printer has arrived! After close to four hours of taking the old printer out, bringing the new printer in (the movers must hate me -- my printers are on the third floor!), directing traffic around the moving van and the printer van, setting it up, testing, and training, I now have a brand new printer (and stock of toner -- YaY!) and it does some really awesome things.

I can send print jobs to these mailboxes on the printer and then print from the mailboxes. This means instead of printing 50 covers, 50 back covers, 50 historical notes, and 50 instructions for a pattern, I can print 50 copies of the stuff in Mailbox RH403 and it will print and collate them for me. Do you have any idea what kind of time that's going to save me? And when I'm buried in print jobs, I won't have to count or think or even open my eyes all the way. Just fold the pattern pieces, stuff them in between the covers, stuff it all into a baggie, and I'm done! I barely have to be conscious!

I can also send a document to the printer, tell it to make a booklet of it, and stand back. The thing will arrange the pages so they are in the right order when folded, saddle stitch it, and fold it in half! Do you know how much time and effort I wasted as a graphic designer ordering and reordering pages in Quark?

I'm obsolete! LOL


beard5 said...

Fantastic News! Huzzah for a fabulous printer.
Beard5-Robert of Stonemarche

Marjorie said...

Well Kass, I congratulate you on your printer. Silly me, though. As a printer (letterpress) I thought a miracle had happend and you actually had a press and were yourself a new printer!
Mairghread of Lyrelake