Thursday, August 16, 2007

Okay... maybe not "next week"...

I'd like to announce two of the newest patterns COMING SOON from Reconstructing History: Elizabethan Sea Dogs and the Netherlandish Working Woman's Outfit.

The Elizabethan Sea Dogs pattern includes doublet, jerkin, smock, breeches, and instructions for a thrum cap suitable for 16th century English sailors. Think "Drake"!

The Netherlandish Working Women's pattern is based on the Market Scene paintings of Netherlandish artists Aertsen and Beuckalaer in the 1570s. These patterns represent a brand new interpretation of the "Flemish kirtle" based on extant garments and common (not noble) construction techniques. Included in the pattern is a smock, two partlets, kirtle, jacket, stomacher, sleeves, apron and a variety of caps as seen in the paintings. Hairstyle instructions will also be included.
Go Netherlandish!

NOTE: These patterns are not yet in print. They will be printed and ship after Labour Day. If you order now, you're helping me decide how large a print run to do and I appreciate it.

The mid-18th century frock coats are now in print and will ship immediately.

(Wholesaler partners, please contact me privately.)
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