Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hemp Helps

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to better stabilize the edges of my Cranach Gown without using modern dressmaking "cheats" when my husband reminded me that I have hemp webbing in stock.. So I decided to try it. The picture at left is the gown with the lacing rings removed. See how it gapes?

This is a photo after I've inserted 1.5" hemp webbing between the interlining and the lining from slightly above the armscye to below the waist. The webbing is simply inserted between the layers of fabric, pushed to the edge, and pinned in place. No sewing has been done. The garment was not even removed from the mannequin while I did this. See the difference?
Here's the excellent change the webbing has affected on the left side of the gown.

I think I might go sew it down now, add some hooks, and try it on!

More soon...

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Marie said...

Hemp webbing.... good idea. My first thought was horsehair buckram.

Countess said...

Kass, are you planning to have a chemise / underwear patterns included for this garment? We all know who much you love underwear.